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Stopping alcohol should only be done at a reputable alcohol intervention specialist.
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Michigan Area Alcohol Intervention Specialist

Get into a Michigan Area Intervention Specialist tonight.

Stopping alcohol should only be done at a reputable alcohol intervention specialist.

It’s critical to understand that alcohol withdrawal can be detrimental. Without proper medical management, a person can have deadly seizures. We say this not to scare you but rather to help you comprehend the risks of quitting alcohol unsupervised. It is necessary to join a Michigan Alcohol Intervention Specialist – It’s a matter of safety. The intervention incorporates family backing to comfort and support the patient before finding a treatment specialist to suit their needs.

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Assessment & Planning

We work with individuals who suffer from anxiety and mental health conditions to help them overcome their barriers so they can live happier, healthier lives. We offer assessments of your current situation as well as customized care plans that will be tailored just for you!


Intervention is a level of care that precedes treatment at a Michigan treatment specialist. Intervention can include immediate family members within the comforts of your own home.

Treatment Placement

Feinberg offers treatment placement that’s the perfect follow-up to a stay at a treatment specialist. Call right now and we’ll get you started.

Co-occurring Disorders

Mental illness can be challenging, even for patients in the best alcohol treatment specialist. We recommend and develop treatment plans to treat depression, anxiety, and more to help your recovery.


We help you transcend trauma. We provide the intensive therapy you need after visiting a Michigan alcohol treatment specialist. Trauma doesn’t have to rule your life.

Recovery Capital

Feinberg will teach you how to utilize recovery tools to support your personal growth long after you finish treatment.

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Recovery is a journey that begins with the first step

If you’re reading these words, you have the willpower to begin your recovery journey.

Recovery can be demanding work. But the best predictor of success is the willpower to begin the recovery process. If you are ready to do whatever it takes to reclaim your life and independence, then you can do this! Maybe you’re not absolutely sure – that’s okay. All you need is the drive to make a phone call, and one step at a time, we can get you the rest of the way there. It’s safe to feel hopeful now. Your life is close to getting a whole lot better! All you need to do is take that next bold step forward and call. You can do this!

Alcohol Intervention Specialist Hotline

Find an alcohol interventionist near me now.

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I have worked with Pam, Steve, Thatcher and Stephanie at Feinberg Consulting, Inc since 2015. Each team member has always provided the most innovative solutions to families and clients who are in dire need of life saving treatment and care. I highly recommend anyone struggling with complicated mental health issues to use Feinberg Consulting’s vast network of recovery and aftercare services.

Matt Grace

We have worked with Feinberg Consulting for many years. We believe that they set the standard for case management. Their reports are timely, concise and provide information needed by the Care Team to make decisions for our clients. Their staff is well trained and credentialed. We would recommend Feinberg Consulting to anyone requiring the services of a case manager.

Steven S

Paola Seidel

I have worked with Feinberg Consulting case managers for many years. They are ethical, hardworking and efficient individuals who always put patient needs first. The case managers that I have had the pleasure of working with communicate well, and always make themselves available, even at late hours or on weekends. They are a pleasure to work with.

Michigan Area Alcohol Intervention Specialist Hotline

Find an alcohol interventionist near me now.

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