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If you are struggling to manage a mental health, addiction, physical illness, or another complex health challenge, don’t hesitate to reach out. Our team is here to support you.


Addiction, Mental Health, and Complex Medical Concerns can affect an entire family. If you are concerned about a loved one or looking for support for your family, we are here for you.


We work collaboratively with treatment providers, mental health professionals, lawyers, trustees, financial advisors, and family offices to achieve the best possible outcomes.


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Do you know someone who is struggling? Watching a loved one in crisis can be paralyzing and finding the right path to recovery overwhelming.

We are an intervention, case management, and coaching company that provides custom health care solutions to individuals and families faced with a mental health or addiction crisis, challenging illness, behavioral health concern, or complex medical crisis. Let our team of dynamic professionals help you achieve the best possible care, rehabilitation, and recovery outcomes. 

 Whether coordinating an intervention, developing a treatment plan, supporting a complex medical condition, or co-occuring disorders, our team is equipped to bring all essential parties together on the same page and act as an unwavering advocate and trusted guide to entire families through the healing and recovery process. 



There is a small window of opportunity to get the right help for someone in crisis. We know what to do and have the team in place to act quickly.

We both have personal experiences that have impacted and inspired our passion for helping individuals and families professionally. Our unwavering commitment is to create powerful and meaningful change, help people shift from hopeless to hopeful, create possibilities, and long-lasting transformation.

No matter how complex the situation is, since 1996, our team of Professional Interventionists, Behavioural Health, Case and Clinical Managers, Physicians, Nurse Case Managers, Family Coaches, Recovery, Life and Health Coaches, and Vocational Consultants has been helping families heal.

Pam Feinberg-Rivkin, Founder Chairperson of the Board and Steve Feldman, CEO



Optimal healing and recovery begins with one-on-one personalized care. Here’s how we provide that.


In order to tailor our services to the individuals and families we serve, we utilize a comprehensive assessment that helps us learn more about their past and current health and care needs.


Based on what we learned during the assessment, our Clinical Team presents recommendations and works with families to develop a detailed care plan that fits their specific needs and goals.


Once the care plan is in place, our Clinical Team creates a strong implementation strategy, which supports families in having their loved one accept help and begin the recommended care.


Our team provides ongoing guidance and support through every step of the recovery and healing process, making sure that all questions are answered and needs are met.


Our multidisciplinary approach integrates knowledge and perspectives from therapists, doctors, coaches, interventionists, and other healthcare professionals to address complex problems and create comprehensive solutions.

Crisis Management and 
Behavioral Health

The intersection of crisis management and behavioral health aims to provide support, intervention, and resources to help individuals cope with and recover from complex and challenging situations.

Serving Families 
Since 1996

Our company has a long history of successfully meeting the needs of individuals and families. We have gained a reputation for experience and excellence in our field. We are committed to providing a safe and comfortable arena for healing where our clients can feel supported and empowered to make positive changes in their lives.


Committed to Providing High-Quality, Evidence-Based Care

Proudly Accredited By The Joint Commission for Behavioral Health Care

The Joint Commission is the leading health care quality improvement and accrediting body in the nation. Being accredited means our company meets the highest standards of safe and ethical care in healthcare.

A Glimpse Into Our Concierge Approach To Care

Imagine a process where you are cared about and supported through the entire journey. We work with families and individuals and walk alongside them every step of the way.

Current Video: The Value of Feinberg Care



We are here to help. We provide confidential and compassionate care from the start. Our team will be your reliable companion as you explore the complicated world of treatment and recovery options.


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Ryszard Wojtuniecki
Ryszard Wojtuniecki
The licensed therapists at Feinberg Consulting are knowledgeable and professional. They delivered transformative strategies that effectively addressed my specific needs. They were committed, reliable, and very approachable, and available to answer questions.
Corey D
Corey D
Overall I have found this program very helpful and rewarding. The focus on the individual and the focus on making an individualized recovery plan is great. Having someone to talk to on a regular basis has helped me stick to my goals and introduced a level of personal accountability which I have found incredibly helpful. Also, introducing a mindfulness routine into my daily life has been highly impactful.
Keith Hall
Keith Hall
Truly a one of a kind team with incredible knowledge in the field. In regards to their addiction and mental health services, they provide seamless support from intervention to treatment and aftercare. I am very impressed with their relationships nationally for the best treatment options around. They are dedicated to doing things the right way which is not always the easiest. I would recommend their services to anyone in need of help for themselves or a loved one struggling with addiction and related mental illness.
Jim Tichy
Jim Tichy
I have had the pleasure of working with Thatcher Shivley and Feinberg Consulting for several years. They are hard working, ethical and an absolute credit to our industry. It is wonderful to know that there are still true professionals that care. They put lives first. I highly recommend this company.
Heather Nalley
Heather Nalley
I feel lucky to have had Feinberg in my corner.
Owen Perlman
Owen Perlman
I have been a treating specialist in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation since 1981. I have worked with Pam Feinberg RN CRRN and Feinberg Consulting since their inception. While there are many fine nurse case managers in Michigan, Feinberg Consulting is, top-to-bottom, the very best! This is because they have a rigorous education program and are always on top of every issue. They understand the impact of catastrophic injury at different levels of client development as well as on gender and age. They recognize that the injury can impact the client physically, cognitively, emotionally, behaviorally and legally. They are able to help clients with brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, chemical dependency and with the vagaries of aging. They always attempt to understand who the client was prior to their injury or illness, the changes that have occurred for that person and the impact on the person and their family members. They have excellent knowledge of the resource network available to assess and treat all problems as well as the current standards of care and current research. They have been able to help me with my clients in other states either by referring me to others or providing care themselves. Their communication is clear and timely. They are present and helpful at all patient appointments. They provide community events for continuing education and support community events sponsored by others including the Brain Injury Association of Michigan. They understanding the meaning of and the benefits of gratitude and are very highly ethical. It is a pleasure to work with them.
Julie Cotton
Julie Cotton
I absolutely LOVE the team over at Feinberg Consulting! For our most recent interaction I was able to provide improv trainings to the staff for team building across their 3 departments and we created such value to help improve company culture and connectivity. I truly appreciate our business to business collaborative interaction and Feinberg’s commitment to investing in their staff so that they are better able to serve their clients with energy, care, fun and compassion!
Steven S
Steven S
We have worked with Feinberg Consulting for many years. We believe that they set the standard for case management. Their reports are timely, concise and provide information needed by the Care Team to make decisions for our clients. Their staff is well trained and credentialed. We would recommend Feinberg Consulting to anyone requiring the services of a case manager.