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Guiding Families Through Life's Most Challenging Health Care Crises.

Guiding Families Through Life's Most Challenging Health Care Crises.

Experts in Personal Crisis Management

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Since 1996

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Experiencing a difficult mental health or medical event can feel isolating. We are here to remind families and their loved one's they don't have to do it alone.

We are an intervention, case management, and coaching company that provides innovative and customized health care solutions to individuals and families faced with a challenging illness, injury, behavioral health concern, or complex health crisis. Let our team of dynamic professionals help you achieve the best possible care, rehabilitation, and recovery outcomes.

Optimal healing and recovery begins with one-on-one personalized care.
Here’s how we provide that.


In order to tailor our services to the individuals and families we serve, we utilize a comprehensive assessment that helps us learn more about their past and current health and care needs.


Based on what we learned during the assessment, our Clinical Team presents recommendations and works with families to develop a detailed care plan that fits their specific needs and goals.


Once the care plan is in place, our Clinical Team creates a strong implementation strategy, which supports families in having their loved one accept help and begin the recommended care.


Our team provides ongoing guidance and support through every step of the recovery and healing process, making sure that all questions are answered and needs are met.

We've Been Guiding Families Since 1996


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