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The Benefits of Coaching

When it comes to handling the day-to-day stressors in life, or a challenging life event, most people could benefit from a trusted and non-biased source that holds them accountable and pushes them to be their best. That’s exactly what our coaches do. They serve as a sounding board, trusted confidant, and reliable guide to help client’s navigate through challenging life events with confidence. 

We provide personalized coaching to individuals in need of support, guidance, and accountability. Whether faced with a challenging life event, transition, or other impactful situation, our experienced coaches work with individuals to provide unbiased and compassionate support.






The Types of Coaching We Offer

Life Coaching

Our Life Coaches work with individuals to help them create positive results in their lives. At times it is through exploration and the creation of goals, at times it is about being in discovery as to what is possible. Our Life Coaches also support individuals through challenging life circumstances, transitions, and other life events. They coach them on how to navigate these situations by providing guidance and helping them establish and achieve goals.

Family Coaching

Family Coaching provides ongoing education and support to families related to substance use disorder, addiction, and/or mental health concerns. Our compassionate Family Coaches build trusting relationships with families to assist in helping them through the treatment and recovery process. Through coaching sessions, they work with families to help them identify the patterns or actions that are currently not working and explore ways they can achieve the results they are looking for. Our Family Coaches also provide practical strategies on codependency, boundary setting, and effective communication.

Health Coaching

Our Health Coaches work with individuals to help them cultivate and maintain a healthier lifestyle by creating long-lasting change in the areas of nutrition, exercise, health care, and emotional or mental wellness. They start by evaluating the person’s lifestyle, assessing any health concerns, and establishing goals that will help them create change in their overall health and wellbeing. Their goal is to support individuals in recognizing their own values, internal strengths, and insights to achieve their personal goals. They also receive self-management strategies and holistic practices to assist them with sustainable long-term changes.


Career Coaching

Our Certified Rehabilitation Counselor works with individuals to assess their interests, aptitude, motivation, and skills. They also support in identifying a career path that will be both purposeful, fulfilling, and supportive of the individual’s recovery and personal goals.

Executive Coaching

Our Executive Coaches provide support and guidance to executives and corporate professionals. They coach them on the areas of developing and improving leadership, assisting in creating agreements and organizational expectations, as well as providing direction and guidance in the area of company culture and values.

Begin your coaching journey today

Our professional coaches are here to provide compassionate support and accountability to individuals looking for additional guidance in their lives. Reach out to our team today to learn how a coach may be able to provide the insight you are looking for.

"I have come to believe that caring for myself is not self-indulgent. Caring for myself is an act of survival."

Audre Lorde

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