Sober Transport

At Feinberg, we understand how challenging it is for a family to navigate the stresses of addiction recovery. Choosing the right treatment options for your loved one is only half the battle. Making sure they arrive where they need to be safely and comfortably is equally essential. Let us take that weight off your shoulders.

Whether your loved one needs transportation to or from a treatment facility or requires local transit, we’ve got you covered. We will handle any sober transportation need, whether big or small, by road or air, and ensure your loved one reaches their destination without unnecessary temptations.

Caring and Compassionate Sober Transportation Services

When you entrust us with your loved one’s transportation needs, you can rest assured that they are in good hands. Flying or driving, our experienced sober transport escorts are highly trained and committed to ensuring your loved one’s safety and comfort throughout their journey. We take care of every detail from start to finish, so you can focus on what matters – helping your loved one recover.

Our sober transport services are delivered in a supportive, caring way that brings a sense of security to your loved one’s journey. Feinberg sober companions are compassionate individuals dedicated to helping your loved one feel comfortable and encouraged every step of the way. Going to and from treatment can be stressful, so we create a warm, non-judgemental traveling experience. We believe recovery is a journey best taken together and will assist your loved one in a spirit of solidarity and community.

Why Choose Feinberg’s Sober Transport Services?

Safety and sustained recovery are paramount, so all our sober escorts are highly trained and experienced in addiction recovery support. They understand the challenges of overcoming addiction and are equipped to provide the necessary guidance to ensure a shielded journey free from harm. Our team is also fully insured, giving you added peace of mind knowing that your loved one is protected every step of the way.

Feinberg sober escorts can build rapport with your loved one even if their addiction has led to volatile or aggressive behavior and turn a tough journey into an opportunity for growth and understanding.

We work closely with family members to understand the loved one’s needs, ensuring their transportation experience is as smooth and stress-free as possible. Whether your loved one requires specific adaptations or has unique considerations requiring special attention, we’re here to help.

It’s crucial to consider how your loved one will get to the addiction treatment center or other destination and any challenges they may face during the journey. A sober escort from our team determines the best transportation plan, considering potential triggers, like passing a bar or carrying medicine. We ensure your loved one is not alone, even during long travel times or unexpected delays.

Whether traveling to or from a rehabilitation center or providing local transportation, our sober transport services ensure your loved one is safely driven or flown to their destination, free from alcohol or drugs. This allows them to prioritize sobriety and begin their treatment program with a solid foundation.

What Do Our Sober Escorts Do?

Our team can assist your loved one’s every sober transportation need, including:

  • Transition to and from addiction treatment
  • Accompanying before or after an intervention
  • Escort during transfer between care providers or treatment programs
  • Accompanying their return home
  • Provide, support, and oversee local transportation needs

We understand the anxiety and uncertainty accompanying the decision to seek addiction treatment. The transition period is a critical and sensitive phase for successful recovery. Our sober companion transport services are designed to address your loved one’s concerns, allay fears, and offer support.

Our sober transportation services are comprehensive and can include plane reservations, overnight stays, and multi-stage journeys, even if the addiction treatment center is out of state. Our sober companions stay by your loved one’s side throughout the trip, regardless of time and distance and if there is more than one trip.

The Benefits of Sober Transport When Leaving a Treatment Facility

The hours before first entering treatment or upon leaving it are risky for your loved one. The urge to indulge in their substance of choice can be overwhelming. Post-rehab, there is a significant risk they may mistakenly believe that they’ve mastered their addiction and succumb to the temptation to have one more hit. Heartbreakingly, months of recovery can be lost through one misguided decision.

However, with Feinberg’s nationwide sober transportation services, you can ensure your loved one has the support they need to maintain sobriety. Our sober transport professionals have the training and experience to prevent relapse through guidance, encouragement, reassurance, empathy, and understanding. Your loved one’s well-being and mental health is our main priority. We liaise with your family, care managers, and treatment staff to minimize stress and anxiety.

A Secure, Sober Journey with Feinberg If you’re looking for a caring and personalized sober transport service to ensure your loved one begins their treatment program safely and comfortably, get in touch with us. Our national sober transportation services will ensure your loved one feels safe, relaxed, and supported throughout their journey.