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Link Between Stress and Alcohol Use

In life, people experience stress every day. Situations may emerge that evoke feelings of sadness, anger, fear, anxiety, and excitement, all of which contribute to increased stress levels. Due to this, people may develop negative coping mechanisms, such as relying on alcohol.  Although drinking may relieve stress in the short term,

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Warning Signs of Alcohol Addiction

Since April is Alcohol Awareness Month, it’s important to know the warning signs of alcohol addiction. At times, it can be difficult to recognize when someone is abusing alcohol. This is especially true when people go to great lengths to hide their addiction. This is why it’s extremely important to

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Tips for Women in Recovery

Many women face unique experiences and challenges when it comes to addiction and recovery. One of them being feelings of shame and/or guilt due to the stigma surrounding addiction in women. To provide further insight and support on this topic, we’ve put together some tips to help women on their

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Useful Tips to Cope with Stress

April is National Stress Awareness Month! Since 1992, Stress Awareness Month has been recognized every April. This year, with everything that has happened surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, it is particularly important to acknowledge. It’s critical to learn how to cope with stress, as this will help with overall mental health

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Two people holding hands in a field

Relationships in Recovery

Recovery, not unlike life in general, is all about relationships: relationships with ourselves, friends, families, neighbors, co-workers, a higher power, etc. Learning how to navigate these relationships is one of the most challenging things for people who are recovering from a substance use disorder. Imagine that you went hiking and

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Women meeting and having a conversation in a group

Addiction and Recovery in Women

March is Women’s History Month when women are celebrated for their strength, resilience, and accomplishments. This month also promotes gender equality and reminds us of the improvements, and discoveries, related to women’s health. Today, there is more research available to help us better understand medical conditions and the discrepancies between

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