Instrumental in providing urgently directed support that I directly attribute to saving my family from otherwise likely tragedy. Extremely compassionate. Trust these people. They will save your families lives.

Feinberg Consulting has been a godsend for my son. In the brief time that my son has met with his recovery coach Thatcher, I have seen a marked improvement in my son’s communication with me and in his demeanor. Thatcher helps my son set goals and helps him navigate through the challenges of life. Our case manager, Greg, keeps us informed weekly of my son’s progress. I feel that Feinberg Consulting has become a key partner with his therapists and his AA sponsor in my son’s recovery. Feinberg Consulting has given me renewed hope that my son will become a productive member of society.

Feinberg Consulting was the best solution to the 500 miles separating my parents and I. I am forever grateful for their ability to step in and provide their knowledge, experience, contacts, and recommendations when I am not there. Their Rolodex of experts in-home health care, visiting physicians, nursing homes, hospice, and elder care attorneys speaks volumes to their ability to be the ones I trust for recommendations when it comes to the care of my parents. I would give an unequivocal endorsement of their services.

We hired Feinberg Consulting to assist us with our son who was not only in rehab in another state, but was severely injured while there and was hospitalized for many weeks. Not only does every person who was involved with us and our son care, but they go above and beyond to help everyone involved. The main person involved in our care, who was there with our son, Greg has proved invaluable to us. He is there physically, emotionally and spiritually. Always available to help in any way. Steve Feldman is loving, kind and calm. He carefully facilitated all services that were needed for the entire family. I highly recommend Feinberg Consulting for every aspect of any care that is needed.

I cannot thank you enough for all the help you gave me when I needed it. My family does not live near me and so it was wonderful that I could count on Sandi Kattan to coordinate all the details for me. She was able to place me in a wonderful rehab and check on me during my stay there. I know my family appreciated how professional she was and how thoughtful she was in keeping them informed. I am glad that Feinberg Consulting was there for me.

To say that Feinberg has come through in the clutch is an understatement. Feinberg provides me services – and helps me access other services – that have been absolutely critical to my recovery from addiction and to the stabilization of my family life. I have intimate discussions with Feinberg representatives one or more times per week, and that has been the case for well over a year.

Feinberg Consulting has been with me from day one of my sisters accident. It will be 12 years since her accident, and without a Case Manager, I really don’t believe I would still be with my sister. The Case Managers have helped me not just with appointments and medication, but are always willing to listen to me vent at times. Thank you for all you do – not just for me but for all of your clients.

Thatcher and Judy are every responsive to our concerns. They have addressed issues promptly. I feel that my son is well taken care of and is progressing toward a sustainable recovery. It means so much that they are in Florida looking out for my son, especially since we live so far away. I feel like they are extension of my family!

I can not overstate the assistance Feinberg Consulting has provided for me and my family. They have made my role as a patient advocate far easier, and more important, far more effective.

As a reformed enabler, I can't thank Steve Feldman and the Feinberg Consulting support staff enough. Our family came to you with an almost impossible task, helping us to come together to help and support my nephew with his addiction. You helped us craft a plan and hosted our intervention. Interventions. And while his actions were not according to plan, he is most certainly alive and better. We're so grateful. More significantly, we're grateful for the insight and clarity you gave the rest of our family. Our amazing Family Coach Kristen along with Steve and Pam were able to coach us and coax us. Guide us and help us see we were not helping. We were doing more harm. We were able to change. We are now a team, we come together to make decisions, we come back to Feinberg for clarity when we need them. That is a priceless gift.

Our Case Manager Pat has exceeded all expectations. She responds instantly to all communications, is always helpful, encouraging and professional. She has done an outstanding job advocating for my son. I am grateful to have her on our team!

We faced unprecedented challenges when my mother became disabled. We found the expertise and compassionate attention to detail of the staff of Feinberg indispensable by allowing my mother to remain comfortably in her own home. We are extremely appreciative of their assistance.

I am incredibly thankful for the help of Ryann Feldman, Stacy Wetters, and Thatcher Shivley. They helped in managing a very challenging mental health situation for my wife.   I contacted your team feeling lost and frustrated. I was struggling to provide care for my wife and navigate the health care system. They quickly assessed my situation and my wife’s condition, developed care options, and helped with implementation. They were able to identify care options that I could not find on my own and were able to quickly put plans in place to address my wife’s needs. As a result, her mental state has significantly improved and they are now assisting with the next steps of her care.   Equally important to their role with her care, they provide me with sound counsel. They work with a very high level of competence and compassion. They have my full trust and confidence. I am grateful to have them as resources and am thankful I engaged Feinberg Consulting.   In recognition of their good work, a donation has been made in their honor to the Feinberg Hope Foundation. Thank you for the Foundation’s work in making mental health care more accessible.