Our sober companions are individuals with lived experience of addiction and mental health challenges who are able to provide 24/7 mentoring, support, and accountability to help people access meaningful sobriety and recovery. A recovery or sober coach can be vital to an aftercare plan following inpatient treatment or as an alternative to the level of care that may be recommended when transitioning from a higher level of care. Feinberg’s sober companions are compassionate, non-judgmental, and dedicated to helping your loved one build a healthy, happy life.

How Recovery Sober Companions Support Addiction Treatment

Recovery Sober companions are critical to supporting people in their treatment journey. They help to provide accountability and ensure your loved one stays on track with their recovery plan. Feinberg’s recovery sober companions are trained to recognize triggers and warning signs of relapse. They work with your loved one to develop healthy coping mechanisms, life skills, and strategies for managing abstinence and stress.

A recovery sober companion gives personalized one-on-one emotional and practical support by guiding and mentoring clients confidentially and discreetly. Our sober companions can also accompany clients to and from residential treatment or other activities that require travel. As an example of what our recovery sober companions can do, consider the following:

  • Support in coming back home after being away at treatment
  • Around-the-clock companionship and care (escort-based and on-call sober companions are also available)
  • Create an individualized plan to meet your loved one’s unique needs
  • Support your loved one through stressful or challenging events  
  • Attend support groups and therapy sessions with your loved one
  • Accompany them to work or school
  • Establish daily routines that prioritize well-being and health.
  • Help your loved one create a safe and sober living space by removing drugs and alcohol from the home
  • Observe your loved one for any unusual behaviors that may signal a risk of relapse
  • Encourage the use of healthy habits learned in treatment to promote long-term recovery
  • Monitor and assist in choosing positive social circles to support continued sobriety
  • Assist in repairing relationships with family and friends damaged due to addiction
  • Help your loved one express remorse and cope with difficult emotions

The Benefits of Sober Companionship

Having a sober companion during early recovery can be incredibly beneficial. They provide your loved one with the support needed to succeed in their addiction and or mental health treatment, offering companionship and motivation to help them stay committed to their recovery plan.

Our recovery sober companions come from various backgrounds. We will work with you and your family to match your loved one with a companion that fits their personality and needs. Recovery Sober Companions have firsthand experience with mental health challenges and or addiction and are skilled in navigating the path to long-term recovery.

Recovery Sober Companions go beyond simply encouraging: they provide essential one-on-one support. Their unique perspective and experience with mental health and or addiction make them invaluable partners in the journey towards a happy, healthy, and sober life.

Successfully recovering from mental health challenges and or addiction requires more than just completing detoxification and returning home. It requires a deep understanding of the root causes of addiction and a commitment to making significant life changes. A sober companion can help your loved one adjust to life after treatment and is vital to achieving and maintaining sobriety.

Sober Companionship as an Alternative to Residential Treatment

Recovery sober companionship can be part of a personalized approach to mental health and or addiction recovery.

Feinberg’s recovery sober companions are experienced in helping people in recovery transition from inpatient treatment to the real world, providing the support and guidance needed to maintain their recovery. Having a recovery sober companion come along with other treatment modalities can give your loved one the courage and support needed to engage fully.

What to Expect from a Sober Companion

Feinberg’s recovery sober companions are trained and experienced in mental health and or addiction treatment and recovery. They work with your loved one to develop personalized strategies for managing triggers, stress, and other challenges associated with early recovery. They provide comradeship, emotional support, and practical assistance to ensure people stay on track with their recovery plans.

Recovery Sober Companions and Relapse Prevention

It’s unfortunately not uncommon to experience relapses even after completing a rehabilitation program. However, the support of a sober companion can significantly decrease the likelihood of this happening. Our Recovery sober companions have personally dealt with mental health challenges and or addiction and understand the potential challenges your loved one faces.  

In addition to providing emotional and practical support, a sober recovery companion assists in creating a safe environment for recovery. A recovery sober companion can accompany your loved one, offering guidance and helping them resist temptation.

The Role of a Recovery Sober Coach

Our recovery sober companions are trained in coaching methods to help your loved one achieve long-term sobriety and success in their addiction treatment journey. Through coaching and mentoring, they help develop healthy coping mechanisms and strategies for managing triggers and cravings.

Feinberg’s Commitment to Effective Recovery Sober Companionship

At Feinberg, we aim to facilitate compassionate, effective mental health and or addiction treatment services to those in need. Our team of experienced and dedicated recovery sober companions works tirelessly to effect positive change. We believe everyone can achieve long-term sobriety and successful abstinence with the right support. Feinberg’s recovery sober companions provide critical support for those seeking effective mental health and or addiction treatment. Their compassionate, non-judgmental approach and 24/7 availability can give your loved one the coaching and mentoring they need to succeed. Contact us today to learn more about our recovery sober companion services and how we can help your loved one.