An Intervention is About Interrupting Someone’s Unhealthy Behavior

It may be an addiction intervention; it may be a drinking, alcohol, or substance use intervention; it may be a drug intervention, another kind of crisis intervention. We do this mainly through communication. It’s about communicating your fears, the things you have seen and experienced, your hope, and a direct ask for them to accept help. It’s a forum for you to say things you haven’t been able to say so that the individual can see themselves and their situation in a way that they haven’t been able to before. The important thing is that this is done in a caring and loving way, so the process is respectful and dignified. We never want to guilt or shame your loved one. We don’t want this to feel like an indictment but an invitation to something bigger and better for themselves. We believe this type of experience is created through authentic connection and communication.

We’ve written a blog article and created a PDF to help your family make an informed decision. Learn more about the ten most important things to know about Interventions.

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