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The Feinberg Consulting Podcast

At Feinberg Consulting, we support individuals and families through their most challenging moments. We developed this podcast to offer some professional and relatable insight into topics that touch many people’s lives. We hope that by listening you are left with the reminder that you are never alone.

Episode 1: The Impact of Community on Recovery

We’ll be kicking off this first episode in our Recovery Series with a very insightful and enlightening interview with one of our highly professional and knowledgeable Recovery Coaches, Thatcher Shivley, a Certified Recovery Coach, Trained Interventionist, and Business Development Consultant.

Episode 2: Treating Addiction as a Family Disease

In this episode we are joined by our Vice President of Addiction & Mental Health Services, Kristen Byrne, MA, MCAP. Kristen discusses how an individual’s struggle with a substance use disorder can affect their entire family system. The role that families play in their loved one’s treatment and recovery process is crucial to the healing and wellbeing of everyone involved.

Episode 3: Addressing the Stigma of Addiction

In this episode we sit down with Scott Snyder, Recovery Coach and our Addiction & Mental Health Liaison. Scott shares with us his own recovery story, how it has shaped his life and led him to a life of supporting others, and how he deals with the negative stigma around addiction and substance use disorder.

Stories of Hope, Healing, Peace of Mind

Nico M.

After being diagnosed with a manic disorder, Nico shares his moving story of healing and recovery.

Aida C.

After suffering severe injuries from a car accident when she was pregnant, Aida shares her powerful story of recovery and resilience.

Insightful Interviews

Celebrating 25 Years - Part 1

Learn more about the history and culture of Feinberg Consulting through conversations with Founder & CEO, Pam Feinberg-Rivkin, and Chief Operating Officer, Steve Feldman.

Celebrating 25 Years - Part 2

The conversation is continued with Pam Feinberg-Rivkin and Steve Feldman as they discuss the history and culture of Feinberg Consulting.

Supporting Adolescents Through the COVID-19 Pandemic

Barrett Harr, Director of Addiction & Mental Health Services, shares her insight and ideas on how the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has affected children and adolescents. Learn more about ways parents can support their children and their mental health during this time, as well as useful ways they can care for their own mental health.

West Bloomfield 911 - Episode 403

On this episode of West Bloomfield 911, Officers David McNealy III and Zena Dailey speak with Steve Feldman from Feinberg Consulting Inc. about overcoming tragedy, addiction, and other traumas, and leading a life of fulfillment and happiness.

The Journey Podcast Interview with Mark Astor and Thatcher Shivley

After moving to Delray Beach, FL in January 2004, Thatcher began his journey in recovery and hasn’t looked back since. Sober for over a decade, he is sought out as a public speaker, known for his powerful, moving message and depth of knowledge of recovery. Thatcher has years of practical experience working with those who suffer from addiction, as well as their families. Through coaching and performing interventions, he brings forth a vast set of skills, with the client’s overall health and safety as his top priorities.

The Chris Voss Show Podcast – Steve Feldman, CEO of Feinberg Consulting On Substance Abuse, Addiction and Mental Heath Treatments

My philosophy is that balance, continual efforts toward optimal self-care, and ongoing personal development are everything when it comes to being your best. I believe the most successful outcomes come from creating an environment of compassion, love, courage, diligence, and commitment.


A Conversation with Steve Feldman, CEO of Feinberg Consulting

A conversation with Steve Feldman, who is the CEO of Feinberg Consulting. They are based out of West Bloomfield, MI, and they are an intervention, case management, and coaching company that provides innovative and customized health care solutions to individuals and families faced with a challenging illness, injury, behavioral health concern, or complex health crisis.

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