Benefits of Companion Care

While many older adults prefer to live independently in their own homes, this may be a cause for concern among families. As our loved one’s age, they face an increase in challenges with completing daily tasks and may not socialize as much as they used to. This can cause them to experience social isolation or mental health concerns. This being the case, there are many benefits to companion care services for your loved one. 

Companion care is a home care service that provides non-medical support to older adults or individuals with disabilities. It not only offers practical and emotional support, but it also gives families the peace of mind that their loved one has the support they need. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of companion care.

Assistance with daily activities

With companion care, a caregiver can provide support with many daily activities. This can include cooking, cleaning, driving to appointments, reminders to take medications, providing a supportive arm to help with walking, sitting, and moving about the house, as well as many other tasks. 

Relief for family caregivers

Many family members experience stress and burnout from devoting all of their time to caring for an aging loved one. Companion care can provide relief to those family members, so that they can rest, recharge, and focus on their own health and other obligations. 

Emotional support and friendship

Research has found that increased engagement in social activity is directly related to better everyday functioning in older adults. Companion care can provide them with the social interaction they may be lacking. Caregivers can provide true friendship, joining them to play games, go on outings, make conversation, watch movies, enjoy their favorite hobbies, or simply enjoy one another’s company. 

Additionally, there are many emotional benefits, such as:


Studies have found that 71% of adults fear that they will become a burden to their spouse or partner as they age. A caregiver’s support and attention can help older adults feel seen, heard, and respected. This allows them to live with more dignity and also improves their quality of life. They won’t feel as though they are heavily relying on friends, family, or neighbors. 


Many older adults feel nervous or apprehensive about giving up driving or other activities that they may enjoy. After being self-sufficient for so long, it can be overwhelming and stressful to feel as though they are losing their independence. Companion care can help minimize these feelings. It allows them to still run errands, attend events, and enjoy their favorite activities with a caregiver by their side.


According to research, close to 90% of adults say that they wish to stay at home while they age. For older adults, moving into an unfamiliar environment can seem incredibly daunting and stressful. This change can lead to feelings of anxiety, fear, and depression. Companion care provides the necessary support so that our aging loved ones can remain in the comfort, safety, and familiarity of their own home. 

Confidence and peace of mind for families 

Companion care not only benefits our loved ones but also provides peace of mind for families. Family members no longer have to worry about something happening to their aging loved ones while they are living alone. Caregivers provide the necessary support to keep them healthy and happy. 

Do you have an aging loved one who could benefit from companion care? At Feinberg Consulting, our team of professionals can provide customized companion care services to fit your loved one’s needs. Contact us today at 877.538.5425 to learn more.

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