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Couple sitting on a couch talking to a mental health professional

What is a Mental Health Case Manager?

When a loved one is struggling with a mental health condition, it can be confusing to navigate the treatment process on your own. There are many challenges and questions that may arise when trying to find the right health care professionals or treatment options. That is where an experienced case

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People support each other in a rehab session

What is a Mental Health Intervention?

When a loved one is struggling with a significant mental health condition, it can be overwhelming for everyone involved. This is especially true if the individual is resistant to help, or in denial, and won’t acknowledge that there is a problem. In these situations, it can be beneficial to perform a mental health intervention.

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Health Coach cooking in the kitchen with another woman

What is the Role of a Health Coach?

Have you ever wondered what the role of a health coach is and whether you could benefit from one? Whether a doctor has recommended necessary health and wellness changes, or you are simply looking to achieve your own personal health goals, it can be difficult to know where to begin.

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Susan Smallwood staff spotlight

Employee Spotlight: Susan Smallwood

At Feinberg Consulting, it’s important to us that you have the opportunity to learn more about the faces behind our company. This October, we’d like you to meet our employee spotlight: Clinical Manager & Recovery Coach, Susan Smallwood. How long have you been with Feinberg Consulting and what do you enjoy

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Finding the Path to Long-Term Recovery

My name is Dylan, and I’m an individual in long-term recovery from addiction. This is meaningful in many ways, but the most important is that I am no longer enslaved to the incessant obsession of a substance use disorder. My addiction didn’t start until college, although I can remember feeling

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Woman giving hand to the camera

How Recovery Coaches Help Navigate Change

While in early recovery from an addiction or substance use disorder, it’s common to experience challenges and setbacks. This is especially true when integrating back into daily life, the community, and interacting with friends and family. Due to this, there are many benefits to working with Recovery Coaches. They can

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