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Family sitting together during an intervention

How Do I Hold an Intervention?

When a loved one is struggling with a severe mental health or substance use disorder, it can feel overwhelming. If they are resistant to seeking treatment on their own, and you are worried about their health and safety, it may be time to consider an intervention. When it comes to

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Closeup of couple holding hands during an intervention

A Story of Hope on the Path to Recovery

When a loved one is struggling with a serious mental health condition or a substance use disorder resulting in addiction, it’s challenging to determine how to seek help for them. At Feinberg Consulting, we have experienced these stressful situations firsthand, and we know how devastating and upsetting they can be

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Feinberg Hope Foundation Logo

Introducing: Feinberg Hope Foundation

We are excited to announce the development of the Feinberg Hope Foundation, a donor-restricted fund within The Children’s Foundation which was created to reduce the financial hardship in receiving addiction and mental health treatment for adolescents and young adults in need. This foundation will provide individuals with the opportunity to

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Couple sitting on a couch talking to a mental health professional

What is a Mental Health Case Manager?

When a loved one is struggling with a mental health condition, it can be confusing to navigate the treatment process on your own. There are many challenges and questions that may arise when trying to find the right health care professionals or treatment options. That is where an experienced case

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People support each other in a rehab session

What is a Mental Health Intervention?

When a loved one is struggling with a significant mental health condition, it can be overwhelming for everyone involved. This is especially true if the individual is resistant to help, or in denial, and won’t acknowledge that there is a problem. In these situations, it can be beneficial to perform a mental health intervention.

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Health coach cooking in the kitchen with another woman

What is the Role of a Health Coach?

Have you ever wondered what the role of a health coach is and whether you could benefit from one? Whether a doctor has recommended necessary health and wellness changes, or you are simply looking to achieve your own personal health goals, it can be difficult to know where to begin.

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