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How Isolation Fuels Addiction

I feel fortunate to live in an age where hard work has been done to prove that addiction to drugs and alcohol is, without question, a chronic disease. The medical community agrees on this. Now for the bad news. This research and science is often not well known or understood

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Is It A Mental Health Condition… Or Something Else?

The term “mental health problem” is similar to the term “injury” in that there are multiple types, severities, and treatments for each. Just like doctors treat a sprained ankle differently than they treat a broken ankle, mental health professionals don’t treat mild depression the same way they treat severe depression.

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Two people hugging while standing outside

How A Mental Health Condition Changes A Family

When a family is in the midst of a challenge that heightens tensions and emotions, it can be helpful for them to remember the saying, “There’s no such thing as a ‘normal’ family.” Every family has its own unique dynamics, and for that reason, a one-size-fits-all solution is rarely the

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Feinberg Consulting is now Feinberg Health Care Solutions!

Since 1996, Feinberg Consulting has advocated for thousands of families. What began as a case management company supporting car accident victims through their recovery, has evolved into a company that provides case management, advocacy, and coaching to individuals and families faced with life’s most challenging health care crises. We now provide a full range of personalized health care solutions. To have our branding better represent what we do as a company, we are excited to announce that Feinberg Consulting is now Feinberg Health Care Solutions.