How to Choose the Right Treatment Center

Not all treatment centers are created equal. It’s important to find the right fit and searching the internet is not the most effective way to do it. In our years of experience, vetting treatment centers, we have found that there are a lot of misleading advertising lines. We have spent many years vetting and qualifying the different substance abuse treatment centers that exist. As a result, we have built trusted relationships with quality providers around the country. We know the quality of the facilities and the right questions to ask to help families make the choice that will work both clinically and ethically. 

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Addiction and Mental Health issues can be highly stressful and challenging. Feinberg Consulting provides high-end, private-pay concierge consulting services that help individuals and families navigate the complexities of this overwhelming landscape. We have over 28 years of experience working closely with families, providing customized strategies and solutions uniquely tailored to each client or family. If you know someone in trouble, please reach out to us: 248-538-5425.

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