Your College Kid Has Changed: Summer Success Tips for Parents

They’ve been away from home for what seems like a long time. Then they come back, and you start noticing changes. Firstly, remember that you’re getting a different person who’s matured and had new life experiences. A change is to be expected. This alone can cause a lot of discord between parents and kids. From their perspective, they had all this freedom, but now that they’re home again they don’t have as much. Hold space for the fact that the kid that you sent away is now more like a young adult and let’s face it: you may not be the same as when they left either. Hopefully you’ve been working on creating a life for yourself and your partner that doesn’t depend on caretaking and kids. If you’ve been sitting and waiting all year for them to come home, this may be something you want to look at on your own.

Pay attention to what’s happening and any unhealthy changes you may notice, but also give them some space. If you notice unhealthy behaviors, follow your instincts, and consider reaching out for help, especially if you suspect substances are involved.

Here’s an article with summer success tips for parents.

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