Answering the question “Why aren’t you drinking?”

Families with a loved one in early recovery might feel conflicted on wanting to control their loved one’s environment. It is important to know that we will never be able to control all external potential triggers, we support families in learning how to manage their own discomfort and be there in a supportive, meaningful way for their loved one and their recovery journey.

When navigating the delicate territory of social situations, especially with a loved one in recovery, the declaration that one is abstaining from drinking can be challenging. The discomfort of saying no in the face of societal expectations and peer pressure is a common struggle. The inevitable question, “How come you’re not drinking?” often hovers.

Responses vary from the practical “I’m driving” to the straightforward “I don’t drink” and, occasionally, the assertive “none of your business.” However, drawing attention to oneself is often counterproductive. Those in recovery may feel a sense of shame, regardless of their response, making it crucial to handle such situations with sensitivity.

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Be mindful that for those who are in early recovery, the fear of being scrutinized in social settings can be overwhelming. Genuine support often comes from understanding friends and family who don’t amplify the spotlight on someone’s decision not to drink. In the end, what’s most important is that your loved one feels your support, as this goes a long way in reducing the shame that sometimes is associated with saying no. Feinberg Consulting helps families and individuals through some of life’s most challenging times by providing services in Intervention, Case Management, and Coaching for individuals and families experiencing a mental health crisis, requiring an addiction specialist, anxiety management, depression support, senior services, medical case management services or a substance abuse evaluation. Do you know someone who’s struggling? Please reach out:  248-538-5425.

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