How Coaching Can Support Your Family’s New Year’s Goals

The excitement of the New Year has settled, and it’s time to check in on those well-intentioned resolutions. How is your family faring with their goals? If the initial enthusiasm is waning, don’t fret; you’re not alone. Achieving a goal requires more than just setting one—it’s about commitment, accountability, and a strategic plan. This is where coaching can play a pivotal role in helping your family members stay on track and turn aspirations into reality.

One of the critical factors in making resolutions stick is accountability. Creating goals in isolation often leads to unrealistic expectations and a lack of commitment. Enlist the support of a coach who can guide and provide an external perspective. Having someone to discuss and navigate the challenges and changes in your goals can make a significant difference.

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Resolutions often fail because they need the necessary actions to support them. A coach helps individuals identify specific activities that will support accomplishing the stated goal. Whether committing to regular exercise, healthier eating habits, or dedicating time to personal development, or overcoming a mental health or substance use problem a coach can help you get clear on the actionable steps.

Clarity on Goals and Motivations

It’s crucial to have clarity on the actual goal and why it matters to you. A coach can help you delve into the deeper motivations behind your resolutions. For example, is the goal to lose a specific amount of weight, or is it about being able to engage actively with your children? Understanding the “why” behind your goals adds a layer of motivation beyond surface-level objectives. In short, the bigger your “why”, the easier the “how”.

A coach can be likened to a GPS for your life, helping you identify your current location as well as some intended destinations, “specific goals”. Just like any journey, clearly understanding where you are and where you want to go is essential. A coach doesn’t dictate whether your desired location is good or bad; their role is to support you in reaching your goals.  Coaches also are there to be gentle reminders when a course correction is needed, “redirecting – recalculating” 

Coaching often involves making declarations about what you want to achieve and setting up activities to support those declarations. Regularly reviewing results is crucial but doing so from a neutral standpoint is equally essential. Instead of shaming yourself for not meeting a goal, a coach helps you analyze results without emotional bias, fostering a compassionate and constructive approach to progress.

Resolutions may fail because they are unrealistic or need a contingency plan for setbacks. A coach assists in setting achievable goals and developing resilience strategies for when challenges arise. Rather than succumbing to a defeatist attitude after a misstep, a coach helps you explore alternative approaches and maintain a positive mindset.

Consider incorporating coaching into your family’s resolution strategy as the New Year progresses. A coach provides invaluable support, ensuring your goals are realistic, aligned with your motivations, and supported by actionable plans. By fostering accountability, clarity, and resilience, coaching can be the catalyst that propels your family towards a successful and fulfilling year of achievement. Remember, resolutions are not about perfection but progress, and a coach can guide your journey to personal and family success.

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