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Dealing With Loss: The Stage of Grief

All of us, as part of life, will experience loss at some stage or another. Some people get over it quickly while others hold onto that grievance for the rest of their lives. Often this loss is associated with the death of an elderly relative, sometimes it is the tragic

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Ways Your Legacy Affects People

Emotionally – Sometimes all we leave behind are the memories of who we were while we were in this world. Those memories are held by the people we touched in our lifetime. So how have you treated the people around you? Have you wronged people and failed to make amends?

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Motorcycles Are Safer With Helmets

Police in Onondaga, New York report that a motorcyclist who was participating in a protest ride against helmet laws died after he flipped over the motorcycle’s handlebars and hit his head on the pavement. The 55-year old accident victim hit his breaks and the motorcycle fishtailed. The motorcycle spun out

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What Do Family Caregivers Do?

Family caregivers perform a variety of tasks for loved ones. Routine duties performed by the caregiver may include the administration of medicine, meal preparation, and standard medical and nursing procedures. Examples of the most common tasks include the following: Personal hygiene care Emotional and social support Transportation services Medical and

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