Meet Our Founder: Pam Feinberg-Rivkin

Pam graduated from nursing school in 1977 and spent the beginning of her career working as a nurse and case manager in a hospital, home care, and rehabilitation settings. During her work as a case manager, she coordinated care for individuals who had sustained catastrophic illnesses and injuries, and soon realized it was her passion. Pam was drawn to the complexity of the injuries and medical needs and excelled at being a strong advocate for her clients. As a case manager, she coordinated the client’s medical treatment, psychiatric treatment, and provided them with the medical equipment necessary to function in everyday life.

In 1992, Pam moved from California to Michigan to further her career in the case management field. She spent the next few years working for a local case management firm and learning everything she could about Michigan’s No-Fault Auto Insurance laws. She was able to use her deep understanding of the system and recognized a diverse array of possibilities in which case management services could be provided in other areas of the healthcare domain. In 1996 Pam decided to leave her job as a case manager and branch out into her own business, thus the creation of Feinberg Consulting, Inc. Assuming all of the initial risks involved in starting a new business, Pam was committed to making her mark on the case management field and helping others in need.

In the early years of Feinberg Consulting, Pam was working out of the basement of her home with her colleague Cheryl. She had 10 clients at the time, one of which continues to receive case management services to this day. As time went on, Pam began to continually receive referrals from a number of different providers. People began noticing her strong work ethic, ability to create meaningful connections with clients, families, and medical providers, and the remarkable progress her clients were making. Through continuing education classes and additional training workshops, Pam worked tirelessly to develop herself both personally and professionally, so that she could always provide the best quality care for her clients.

By individualizing each client’s care plan and collaborating with other health care providers to incorporate their unique areas of expertise, Pam began to grow her company and made a profound difference in the lives of individuals and families in need. As the need for other health services became evident, Pam began hiring and mentoring a team of compassionate and highly skilled registered nurses, social workers, and case managers, to become advocates for the individuals referred to Feinberg Consulting. Since then, Feinberg Consulting has expanded to provide other essential services, and the company is now comprised of three service lines: Catastrophic Services, Addiction & Mental Health Services, and Bridgeway Senior Services. The success and expansion of Feinberg Consulting can be attributed to Pam’s perseverance, deep-rooted commitment to her clients, and her vision to set the uncompromising standard of quality, innovation, and integrity in client advocacy.

Through the exceptional leadership qualities that Pam has exemplified over the years, she has developed a close-knit team of educated, dedicated, and caring professionals that have developed a company culture beyond the standard office environment. Pam is a firm believer in empowering others to reach their full potential and building leaders within her company with outstanding growth opportunities. In fact, it is one of her passions and greatest personal joys. Within her company she has consistently provided leadership training, personal and professional development opportunities, and developed a successful mentorship program that has trained over 100 nurses and social workers, ensuring the highest quality of case management services.

In addition to being a Registered Nurse and Certified Case Manager, Pam is a Trained Love First® Clinical Interventionist, Trained ARISE® Interventionist, went through the BreakFree Intervention Skills Training, Certified Health Coach, and a Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator.

Outside of Pam’s professional life, she is a devoted wife, mother of four wonderfully successful young adults, and a proud grandmother. She also enjoys golf, yoga, meditation, reading, and attending spiritual and professional leadership workshops and training.

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  1. Interested in providing comprehensive case management. Currently a case manager at University of Michigan Hospital. Met with Pam while working at University of Michigan Hospital when she was providing case management care for patients

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