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Google Sets Limits on Addiction Treatment Ads, Citing Safety

When people need information, they usually turn to Google, the world’s largest search engine. In an article published by the New York Times, Google acknowledged that it may not be the best resource to utilize when looking for addiction treatment resources, citing consumer safety concerns. Treatment providers have paid up to $70 per ad click, but Google is now taking action to limit these ads in an attempt to weed out treatment centers that are looking to profit off of people in crisis.

At Feinberg Consulting, we only refer our clients to treatment centers that have been vetted by our clinical team. In addition, once a client has entered treatment, our clinical team continues to work with the treatment center providing oversight and coordination of care.

To learn more about the types of services that we provide to help individuals and their families recover from substance abuse, addiction, and mental health issues, read more here.

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