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Hockeytown Hero Opens Up About His Son’s Overdose

If you know one thing about Ken Daniels, it’s his voice. The play-by-play announcer has been calling Detroit Red Wings games for more than two decades. Due to a tragedy in his family, however, Daniels is now calling attention to something much more important than any hockey game.

A recent article in The Athletic Detroit highlights the unethical and even criminal practices taking place in certain drug rehabilitation centers. It was these practices that contributed to the death of Jamie Daniels, Ken Daniels’ son, who was in treatment for an addiction to opioids.

“Palm Beach County [Florida], where Jamie went to get treatment, is ground zero for a crisis called ‘patient brokering,’” wrote Craig Custance, The Athletic Detroit’s Editor-in-Chief. “And young, unsuspecting addicts from the Midwest are often a prime target.

 “Criminals lure those with strong insurance coverage into their treatment homes in order to run up excessive charges to insurance companies with the ultimate goal of another relapse, to reset the entire process and extend the money-making cycle. The consistent payoff is in the relapse, not the recovery.”

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“I think it’s the shame and stigma of addiction that exacerbates the problem [of addiction],” Ken Daniels told The Athletic Detroit. “People need to know. Don’t be ashamed of it. … Now, to honor Jamie and to know how hard he worked, we don’t want it to go for naught. If we can save somebody else, that’s what we’re going to do.”

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