Professional Support for Addiction Recovery

When anyone is in the midst of a crisis, especially a crisis surrounding addiction and substance abuse, it is hard to know where to turn. In an article recently published by the Detroit Jewish News, they interviewed local addiction and recovery experts, including Feinberg Consulting’s Steve Feldman, to address the importance of turning to local professionals who have the experience, knowledge, and resources to help individuals and their families recover.

In the article, Steve talks about the importance of conducting a comprehensive assessment of each individual so that Feinberg Consulting can best develop a customized treatment plan, or treatment recommendations specific to their needs. The article also states that “Feldman travels the country to learn about treatment alternatives. ‘Each treatment center has its own strengths and specialties,” he says. ‘We try to vet the facilities from a clinical and ethical standpoint. We want to know which facility would be a good fit for which client. Some specialize in working with clients of a certain age; some work exclusively with male, or female, or gay, lesbian, or transgender clients; some with clients who suffer only from addiction, and some with clients who have mental health issues.’ ”

While the opioid epidemic continues to run rampant in our communities, it is important to focus not on the problem, but on the solution. Proper treatment from ethical and experienced providers is the solution, and Feinberg Addiction Services is here to link individuals and their families to the best treatment providers and plans that will lead to lifelong recovery.

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