The Danger of Choosing a Treatment Center on Your Own

You’re finally clear that your loved one needs help. You naturally turn to the Internet as a first step in searching for an addiction treatment center, substance abuse counseling or mental health services. We learned early on that there is danger in trying to navigate the treatment center landscape on your own. The world of addiction recovery and mental health is confusing, overwhelming, and sometimes even unethical and making the wrong choice could be detrimental.

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Addiction and Mental Health issues can be highly stressful and challenging. Feinberg Consulting provides high-end, private-pay concierge consulting services that help individuals and families navigate the complexities of this overwhelming landscape. We have over 28 years of experience working closely with families, providing customized strategies and solutions uniquely tailored to each client or family. If you know someone in trouble, please reach out to us: 248-538-5425.

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