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The Link Between Addiction and Mental Health

There are many reasons families don’t immediately take action when a loved one is exhibiting signs of addiction. A lack of education about what addiction is (and isn’t) is a contributing factor. And so are feelings of shame. In our society, there’s an undeniable stigma around addiction. We still cling

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Group of people having a toast with glasses of alcohol

The Difference Between Alcoholism and Heavy Drinking

Alcoholism is widely misunderstood because it functions differently than most diseases. People with Type-2 Diabetes, for example, are asked at a minimum to remove problematic foods from their diets. When they do this, they get better. The cure for alcoholism isn’t as simple as “stopping the drinking.” With real alcoholism,

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Close up of an older woman's hands holding a black and white photo

How to Connect With Someone Who Has Dementia

It can be challenging to know how to act around someone who has dementia. We have sympathy for them, of course, but that’s not always helpful. We know it’s not their fault. What we don’t always know is how to respond when they’re repeating themselves or confusing the past with

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Two people sitting at a table drinking coffee

We Can’t Compare Recoveries from Addiction

Years ago, my sponsor gave me some incredibly valuable advice. At the time, I was waiting tables at an exclusive restaurant in South Florida. I was regularly interacting with people who were fabulously wealthy, and I used to joke that every shift I would meet at least one person whose

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Since 1996, Feinberg Consulting has advocated for thousands of families. What began as a case management company supporting car accident victims through their recovery, has evolved into a company that provides case management, advocacy, and coaching to individuals and families faced with life’s most challenging health care crises. We now provide a full range of personalized health care solutions. To have our branding better represent what we do as a company, we are excited to announce that Feinberg Consulting is now Feinberg Health Care Solutions.