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How to Connect With Someone Who Has Dementia

It can be challenging to know how to act around someone who has dementia. We have sympathy for them, of course, but that’s not always helpful. We know it’s not their fault. What we don’t always know is how to respond when they’re repeating themselves or confusing the past with the present. What behaviors should...... Read More

Caregiving and Social Isolation

Anyone who has ever cared for an aging, injured, or ill loved one understands the stress involved in caring for their daily needs. In addition to that stress, The New York Times recently highlighted the dangers of social isolation and loneliness that individuals who are the primary caregiver for a family member face. The article...... Read More

Words and Meaning: The Power of Writing for Caregivers

Caregiving can be a challenging job. Whether you are a caregiver for a loved one, or it is your profession, it can at times be overwhelming when someone needs assistance with getting through daily tasks. Caregivers also have to be attuned to carefully watching their clients or family members for any signs of a serious medical...... Read More

Caregiving Compared to a Personal Assistant

Once in a while, we have heard clients express hesitation in having a caregiver because they view it in a negative light. They have stated, “I don’t like the idea of people assuming I need someone to take care of me.” We believe it’s an interesting stigma. The idea of needing to rely on another...... Read More

For Hospitals and Families – The Discharge Process Can Be Challenging

For most of us, illnesses and injuries do not follow a 9-5 Monday through Friday schedule. On any given holiday, or Friday night, many families are facing the prospect of having a family member return home from the hospital, sometimes to an environment that isn’t ready to support them. Recently, Feinberg Consulting was called in...... Read More

What Do Family Caregivers Do?

Family caregivers perform a variety of tasks for loved ones. Routine duties performed by the caregiver may include the administration of medicine, meal preparation, and standard medical and nursing procedures. Examples of the most common tasks include the following: Personal hygiene care Emotional and social support Transportation services Medical and nursing care House management and...... Read More