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What Do Family Caregivers Do?

Family caregivers perform a variety of tasks for loved ones. Routine duties performed by the caregiver may include the administration of medicine, meal preparation, and standard medical and nursing procedures. Examples of the most common tasks include the following:

  • Personal hygiene care
  • Emotional and social support
  • Transportation services
  • Medical and nursing care
  • House management and supervision
  • Translation services – in the event that the care recipient needs assistance in a medical setting

Many caregivers are involved in the household management and affairs of the patient. Finances are one area where a family caregiver may assist. Paying bills, balancing checkbooks, and depositing checks are all important tasks of the family caregiver.

Most caregivers help with personal care in some form or another. Assistance getting dressed, moving in and out of bed, getting up and down off the toilet, or helping with showers or baths are all common personal services offered by a family caregiver.

Preparing and feeding the recipient meals is common as well. Some elderly individuals have trouble getting food and preparing it, therefore assistance with grocery shopping and meal preparation is highly important.

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