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How to Help an Alcoholic Spouse

Alcohol use disorders (AUDs) can cause great harm to families and marriages. This is usually the outcome of a progressively worsening situation around the alcohol abuse of an individual. Seeing a partner’s drinking habits spiral out of control is distressing. There can be a sense of powerlessness, as well as other mixed emotions such as...... Read More

Dual Diagnosis Interventions

Living with substance use disorder and mental illness can be really tough. If you or a loved one is in this situation, it’s normal to feel scared, exhausted, and unsure of how to continue. Fortunately, treatment is available to help people who have a mental health disorder and addiction or dependency. When both conditions are...... Read More

What Is an Intervention?

When we think of substance use disorders, we tend to focus on the individual living with the disorder, how it affects them, and the negative consequences caused to their lives. But addiction affects more people than we may think. If a loved one or family member is actively engaging in problematic substance abuse, the negative...... Read More

Things You Need to Know Before Planning Intervention With Family Member

It is a painful and difficult experience to watch a family member suffer from an addiction. The disease can cause changes within the brain that alter an individual’s behaviors and actions. This means that individuals often cannot realize and accept that they are living with a problem. You want to offer support and help but...... Read More

Symptoms of Suicidal Teenager, Suicidal Signs in Teens

What is Teen Suicide? Childhood and adolescence carry challenges that can be hard to manage. This time is full of major change, identity questions, pressures to fit in, and bullying. There can sometimes be too much to handle, resulting in feelings of being overwhelmed, depression, and, in extreme cases, suicidal thoughts. Teen suicide is where...... Read More

How to Get Someone an Intervention

Interventions are an interruption to the destructive journey of a person struggling with addiction. They’re a chance to stop them on their current path and offer a safe and loving space where they can pursue hope instead. If you’re looking to stage an intervention for a loved one, Feinberg Consulting can help. Our expert interventionists...... Read More