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Signs of Drug Addiction

Drug addiction, also called substance use disorder, is a complex but treatable condition that affects the lives of millions of Americans each year. Identifying whether someone you care about is struggling with drug use can be difficult. Recognizing the symptoms of a substance problem can ensure you support your loved one in seeking treatment at...... Read More

Is My Husband an Alcoholic?

Heavy drinking can have a substantial negative impact on the life of someone struggling with an alcohol use disorder. It also impacts loved ones because of the worry that an addiction can cause. Usually, it is already a red flag if you have to ask yourself: is my husband an alcoholic? You may have concerns...... Read More

Ways Drug Rehab Can Help Your Loved One

The road to recovery from drug addiction is often long and challenging, but it is a journey worth taking. While watching a loved one struggle with a substance abuse problem may be distressing, it is essential to remember that there is reason to hope. The most effective way to support a loved one in their...... Read More

How to Convince Someone to Go to Rehab

You may believe or know that someone close to you is struggling with substance abuse, but you’re not sure how to convince them to go and receive the help they need from a rehab program. In this blog, we want to offer guidance so that you can support any of your loved ones who are...... Read More

How to Choose a Rehab Facility for Your Loved One

Watching someone you love suffering from an addiction can be painful, especially if you feel helpless. Addiction can have catastrophic consequences for an individual’s life without effective treatment. Fortunately, with the right treatment at the right rehab centers, your loved one can recover from their alcohol or drug use and continue a happy and healthy...... Read More

What Is Family Therapy and How Can Families, Addicts, and Alcoholics Benefit from It?

What is Family Therapy? Family therapy is a form of group coaching where family members struggling to relate with each other sit down to discuss their problems with licensed therapists and psychologically trained experts in order to improve their personal relationships and individual lives together. Family therapy is different from individual therapy not because individual...... Read More