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Symptoms of Suicidal Teenager, Suicidal Signs in Teens

What is Teen Suicide? Childhood and adolescence carry challenges that can be hard to manage. This time is full of major change, identity questions, pressures to fit in, and bullying. There can sometimes be too much to handle, resulting in feelings of being overwhelmed, depression, and, in extreme cases, suicidal thoughts. Teen suicide is where...... Read More

Staging an Intervention

We often think about substance abuse and addiction as a fundamentally individual problem – a belief that has been codified by decades of media, books, and television that focuses fundamentally on the experience of the person struggling with drug or alcohol addiction. However, this disease ripples out and affects people and relationships far beyond the...... Read More

How To Overcome Codependency

Healthy relationships typically involve two people coming together and sharing a life but also managing healthy boundaries, whereby they have their own interests, careers, friend groups, hobbies, and time to themselves. If one person in a relationship begins to become dependent or reliant on another, this could be because they are going through a difficult...... Read More

We Can’t Compare Recoveries from Addiction

Years ago, my sponsor gave me some incredibly valuable advice. At the time, I was waiting tables at an exclusive restaurant in South Florida. I was regularly interacting with people who were fabulously wealthy, and I used to joke that every shift I would meet at least one person whose watch was worth more than...... Read More

Disability Rating Scale for Traumatic Brain Injuries

The Disability Rating Scale (DRS) was developed in the late 1970s by M. Rappaport as a more accurate alternative to the Glasgow Outcome Scale (GOS), which was thought to be insensitive in assessing Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). The Disability Rating Scale was established and tested with older juvenile and adult individuals with moderate and severe traumatic brain injury...... Read More

The Broad Spectrum of Treating Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Drug addiction and alcoholism is a complex disease. It is characterized by intense, uncontrollable, craving, and obsessive drug-seeking even in the face of disturbing consequences. Worst of all, no one is immune to it. Traditionally, the path to addiction begins with the voluntary act of taking drugs, but over time, the individual’s ability to choose...... Read More