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Benefits of Life Coaching

What is Life Coaching? Life coaching can mean many things for different people, but to put it simply, the non-directive practice aims to help individuals make sustainable change, reach their goals, and get more out of life. Life coaching is a collaborative conversational process that is driven by questions and reflections to empower the client...... Read More

What is the Role of a Health Coach?

Have you ever wondered what the role of a health coach is and whether you could benefit from one? Whether a doctor has recommended necessary health and wellness changes, or you are simply looking to achieve your own personal health goals, it can be difficult to know where to begin. This being the case, there...... Read More

How Recovery Coaches Help Navigate Change

While in early recovery from an addiction or substance use disorder, it’s common to experience challenges and setbacks. This is especially true when integrating back into daily life, the community, and interacting with friends and family. Due to this, there are many benefits to working with Recovery Coaches. They can help individuals navigate change and...... Read More

Differences Between Coaching and Therapy

When thinking about coaching, what comes to mind? It is common for people to compare or confuse coaching with therapy. While the two may have similarities, they are each a unique service that offers a different approach to helping people. When a treatment plan incorporates therapy combined with coaching, this comprehensive approach can greatly help...... Read More

Benefits of a Life Coach

Challenging life events or transitions can create a significant amount of stress in a person’s life. The resulting stress can make it very difficult to overcome those challenges while staying focused on one’s goals. When these situations arise, having a life coach can be extremely beneficial. A life coach provides objective support, accountability, and can...... Read More