How Recovery Coaches Help Navigate Change

While in early recovery from an addiction or substance use disorder, it’s common to experience challenges and setbacks. This is especially true when integrating back into daily life, the community, and interacting with friends and family. Due to this, there are many benefits to working with Recovery Coaches. They can help individuals navigate change and offer support as they adapt to their new lifestyle.

What is Recovery Coaching?

At Feinberg Consulting, our Recovery Coaches have been extensively trained, thoroughly vetted, and have walked the path of their own recovery. By utilizing their own experience, and the skills acquired throughout their recovery journey, our coaches can greatly help their clients. They offer support, encouragement, and guidance, to help their clients manage the stressors of early recovery, and create positive momentum.

Recovery Coaching is a partnership, free from the judgment or shame often associated with addiction. Our Recovery Coaches are compassionate individuals, who work one-on-one with clients, serving as a trusted guide, and mentor. They help clients define goals, hold them accountable, offer support as they overcome challenges, and work together to develop effective coping skills. Additionally, they understand the disruptions that can arise, and help clients navigate through them, in an objective and meaningful way.


Recovery Coaches offer incredible support and accountability in maintaining long-term sobriety. Through daily or weekly contact, Recovery Coaches can help clients define goals, celebrate accomplishments, and overcome setbacks. For example, if a client states they wish to go back to school, or get involved in a community program, their Recovery Coach will help guide them towards their goals, offering compassionate encouragement along the way. Our Recovery Coaches understand that each person moves at their own pace, and they are mindful of this, as they hold clients accountable.

Overcome Challenges 

One of the main benefits of working with a Recovery Coach is having someone to help identify relapse triggers. It can be difficult when an individual in recovery is subjected to a person, place, or thing, that once triggered substance use, unhealthy behaviors, and/or traumatic memories. A Recovery Coach can help their client learn to recognize triggers and develop ways to overcome them. For instance, if a person is invited to a family gathering that will consist of certain family members or substances, that may be triggering for them, their Recovery Coach can help them prepare a safety plan. This will not only help to keep them safe but also help to maintain their recovery goals and commitments.

Create Healthy Habits

A Recovery Coach works with clients to develop healthy habits, and a structured schedule based on their needs, to maintain lifelong sobriety. Proper sleep, nutrition, exercise, and self-care are essential to an individual’s recovery. In addition, a Recovery Coach helps clients discover which recovery practices would most benefit them. This can include peer support/fellowship meetings, meditation, journaling, yoga, and more. It’s important to find the proper balance, especially when reconnecting with friends and family, as adapting to change can take time.

Develop New Coping Skills and Strategies

A person’s recovery journey is enhanced by developing the skills and tools necessary to cope with challenging issues or situations. While working with a Recovery Coach, a client and coach can develop personalized strategies to overcome challenges as they occur. Additionally, a Recovery Coach can assist in developing new behavior patterns, and help to create healthier habits.

Overall, a Recovery Coach is a valuable professional to have on an individual’s recovery team. Their perspective and guidance can also work very effectively with a client’s therapist, or other mental health professional. The services provided by each are very different, yet complementary of one another, which you can read more about here.

Are you or a loved one struggling to navigate the challenges that can arise while in recovery? At Feinberg Consulting, our team of experienced Recovery Coaches can help you transition from hope to healing. We truly care about our clients and will provide the guidance and support necessary to achieve lifelong recovery. Contact us today to learn more at 877.538.5425.

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